Thursday, April 26, 2012

♥ Muslimah to her Husband ♥


- When I Forget, Please Remind me.

- When I Sin, tell me to Repent.

- When I Fear, tell me there is Hope.

- When I Slip, Pull me up.

- When I Have Hardship, Remind of my Test.

- When You Love me, don't Love me for me..

♥ I am not a good person so I dont ask for the perfect one

♥ I am not asking for the perfect husband so let completing each other

♥ I don't know much on Islam so lets together knowing Islam

♥ Let me be your Bidadari until Jannah

♥ I am nothing but a Servant of ALLAH so Love me for the Sake of Allah ♥ 


ummuathiyah said...

insyaAllah a man to lead u will come =)pray harder

afiqah ashiya said...

aamiin... :)

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