Monday, July 9, 2012



alhamdulillah our allowance out early this sem. so today i went to 3 banks (BSN-MAYBANK-CIMB) to manage them well so that i'll not soooo HUHAHUHA-ing like i'm a milionaire!

i withdrawed all of my allowences from BSN coz i dun really like this bank. they always "EATING" our money.(sorry BSN i dun have proof but i've experienced it before!). then i separated my 3*** into 2 different account which are Maybank and CIMB. the incident happen when i'm still depositing my 1*** into the CIMB deposit machine and the emergency bell suddenly ringing.the electric were cut.the machine ofline, some people shouting like there was a bomb inside the bank and they ran out leaving everything inside. the chaotic situation made me so nervous and leaved my money that unsuccesfully deposited yet on the machine. 

i'm so panic and kept asking people there how about my money? yes for some people there was nothing for that amount of money but for student like me who depending much on the allowances it was very huge amount. then i went towards the security and i'm too lucky that i manage to meet the 2nd manager of CIMB. He took my account number and also my contact number to make sure my money are safe. 

Alhamdulillah. even though i dun knoe about the status of my money now but at least i know there's people who trying to save it. I hope everything will be okay and i get back my money. I know Allah loves me and He will help me. So readers please do pray for me. Thanks a lot..


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