Thursday, May 29, 2014

What is Holiday means for teachers?

Assalamu'alaikum. last it began already but still i'm not in a mood of it. y? because here i school spending some of my quality times for my lovely Year 6 pupils. This is the 1st group of my school who'll sit for UPSR Examination on this coming September. Since this is also will be my 1st product. so i need to give the fullest commitment to make sure my students perform well during the exam. It's a big lie if I said I don't have such a nervous feeling when marking my students' mid year examination paper for Mathematics. They make many silly mistakes only because the don't read the questions carefully. So I have to do something. Planning and keep planning to make sure they learned better just after the school break ended. That will be my promise to myself. Nobody will fail this paper because Mathematics is not that hard it just need us to think and work smart when playing with the questions. 

ok lets talk about holiday.

Seriously,  life as a teacher here in Mersing taught me how to struggle life without mall, cinemas, k-box, bowling, and also my Futsal team. Here i learned how to spend my weekend at home, jogs at the beach, shopping at RM2 store (lol) and also waiting for Pasar Tani opened on every Friday. So now i can't wait to finish all the work here and back to Batu Pahat for good... Enjoying my school break meeting up with the buddies...Ummu, Bai, Fatin and also preparing for my Big Day on 13th June 2014. The day where I'll be on stage holding my degree scroll with the Harry Potter it is  graduation 'jubah' actually. 


holiday does mean everything for teachers (err i think only for me) lol...because I want to get some life out from a very 'fun' life..

Batu Pahaat hereeee i am!! 


Anonymous said...

Holiday 'means' everything to me too :-)

Anonymous said...

Or, holiday 'does' means everything. Depending on what u wanted to say. Huhu

afiqah ashiya said... english was so bad....tqvm anyway! hihi

Anonymous said...

I like u :)

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