Thursday, April 7, 2011


this is my quick update ok.

i wish to improve my english..
because i realize that mine is so bad.
i wish i can speak fluently like other people..especially the TESL student..

i think i should:
* use this language often..
* read more english article,blogs, news n watsoever..
* listen to english song more than the jiwangsss malay n korean song..
* avoid reading the subtitles when watching english movies..
* speak with people without shame doing mistake..

hurm..i think thats all.but if u've other tips just let me know ok..
i wonder y i still cant use this language perfectly even i'd studied it for more than 12 years!!!
watever...i can still learning as long as i'm alive...

okay..dats all lar kan...any info plis update me ok.
heart u readers..

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