Wednesday, April 27, 2011


lately, i found too many stories about relationship..
some between young couples and several with husband and wife.
ok lets begin with the young couples.

first, i felt very sorry when i read a story between this two young and lovely couples.
they had been together for such a long time..sharing the happiness, laughing, sadness and everything.
suddenly, they broke up...
the problems came from him.
he being caught when having a such wonderful moment with other woman.
walking together..holding hands and really look like a new bride..
oh..i don't know how if i'm the one who watch the scene..
but the girl think wisely...she don't want to create trouble in public..
so she decide to leave that place and wait for the appropriate time to discuss..
and when the time come, the men doesn't want to tell the truth..
he kept telling her that the women is his sister..
but she still don't want to believe..and at last..
they broke up with peace..
and promise to become a good friend in future..

the next story is about a husband and wife..
living happily together for 20 years and have 4 children..
suddenly, the husband change..
he start neglecting his wife and children..
he don't give them even a cent for their school..
he came back only on 3 am everyday..
one day, he being caught with other women by his own daughter when having a romantic dinner..
he give a **t reason why he look for other woman..
he said that his wife can't entertain him well...
doesn't romantic at all..
not pretty anymore..
OMG..he only said that after they have 4 children together??
what kind of man is this?
the wife felt so sad and feel insulted..
they end up with divorce..

the story doesn't finish there..

the husband appear after some time and asking for forgiveness..
he promise for not repeating the mistake anymore..
he beg to her until she give the second chance..
it is all because of their children..
yes..the husband totally change..
he gave his soul to the family..
money, happiness and everything to show his love..
after two years..
the husband become strange..
and he become the old him..
if he only coming home at 3 am before, now he left home for at least 4 days per week..
and the wife start to suspect him..
she decided to stalk her husband..
and her heart is really broken after she saw his husband in a bungalow with other person..
she went there and her husband told her that they were married..
the tears falling again..
she drove home and decided to ask for 2nd divorce..
again..they end up with divorce..
this time the wife feel nothing towards her ex-husband..
she determine to continue her life with the 4 children and she succeed..
she was very proud of herself because without husband, she can manage her family very well..
he succeed in arranging her eldest daughter's wedding without him..
and she was very very happy now...

the husband??
again..kept begging in front of her house everyday like several years ago..
he want to get back to her because his new marriage ruined and they had divorced..
the wife don't want to give the chance to him anymore..
because the wound still not recover yet..
and she don't think that she have more feeling towards him..

the two stories i read from blogs and magazine.
the true story..
and this is the lesson..
when we have a person who give us life..
appreciate it...
when the person give us pain..
open ur step.
leave the person..
and continue life..
committing suicide is ridiculous..
thinks before u act..
believes that there is a rainbow after rain..

thats all from me..
psst://sorry for the broken english..
i'm bad in using this
btw.heart u readers..

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