Sunday, July 24, 2011

him or HIM?

hye all..
i just came back from a mall and i saw pair of couple shirt.
one of the shirt wrote "I was born to love him"
i wonder why she (i means girl because him is for men) shud say dat since we're all knows that we came from HIM, ALLAH S.W.T..
hey please wake up guys outside there..
the correct quote shud be "I was born to love HIM"
please...i hope nobody will wear that $@#%$ shirt..

just remembered '' don't give our love to human more than we love ALLAH S.W.T"..
this message is for me myself and if u read this..its for u too..


Kamalul Ariffin said...

afiqah ashiya said...

haha..komen ke nih pin?

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