Thursday, January 12, 2012

thinking of writing again..


lately i keep thinking of writing a short story or rencana like before.. i already wrote stories about sacrifice, friendship, love n several rencana of environment n kepenggunaan. sy pernah hantar 2 hasil tulisan satu kat akhbar FOKUS SPM (kalau x silap) n satu kat Pertandingan Menulis Esei Kepenggunaan(KPDNHEP)..aha i love to compose poems too..but i lose my poems collection...walaupun x la banyak but i think semua tu sangat sentimental sebab it was composed by budak sekolah

i miss my talent actually. dulu i wrote for fun and it's really useful during exam. sejak masuk IPG n choosing Math for my major subject i stop writing. last cerpen yg pernah sy buat is ''Impian Dua Insan'' for KKP during my foundation.  its about a successful women yang menghadapi pelbagai suka duka n cabaran di sebalik kejayaan beliau. i don't publish it here because i think nobody will read it because this blog x ramai yang baca so many people yg singgah and leave a message kat chatbox saying like blog yg menarik but promote la skit kalau x mcam syok sendiri je menulis..ahaa.....i like that message actually...thanks for giving such a motivational suggestion..maybe org rasa my blog is poor of readers because i have only 71 followers. but its okay for me because x semestinya org yg terbaca my article or anything here need to follow mine or x semestinya everything yg i wrote must have a lot of readers..bdw i'll take ur words and keep promoting my blog.haha..dah melalut..

ok back to the point..i've a dream to publish a novel and become a novelis like norhayati berahim, sharifah abu salem and ustz Fatimah syarha but i'm not confident enough because i lack of knowledge and experience.  papepon one day sy akan buat jugak a story about a teacher maybe...insyaAllah amin....wah what a day dreaming fieqa!!..ops..0303am

ok la...i'm sleepy already. 2 hour sleep...i hope cukup untuk 6 jam kelas esok..ahaaa.....

ok gud nite readers...

much love:fieqa~

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