Sunday, March 25, 2012

people's question me

yesterday a friend of mine ask me

"ko ok jugak ka dengan b***?"

me: ha??kenapa dgan kitorang?bila kitorg gaduh?

"hehe xda la...haha..xpapa bha..tapi kamu ok jugak la aku tgok jumpa kat sekolah"


the person said about somthing yg jelas memang die salah faham
and others also buat assumtion yg sangat2 lari dari fakta
but i dun knoe what to explain and just haaa(confuse)??
i'm just fine with her maybe not as close as last time since she is not in hostel anymore
she or anyone else doesn't related at all..

the thing is
who spread the rumours??
people dun knoe the exact situation and start making story.

so to everyone out there please don't simply talk about people when u dun knoe the fact
about us
please if u dun knoe dun make any assumption

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