Sunday, January 6, 2013


salam Ahad

yesterday i was enjoying my day with the hot mama, kak fiza n her baby, zuyyin aqilah. we planned to eat before shopping because ustz once said "perut yg kenyang mengurangkan nafsu shopping wanita". she suggested to eat at DOME. me like "what??seriously??i never thought of enter that kind of restaurant! LOL" see, nampak macam teruja ka? but actually i felt so awkward since every time she spend me. waa i'll pay her someday. okay back to the story. DOME. I ask her "why dome?" she said like "haha i saw my friends keep uploading pictures eating at dome!" see.. the bad influence of social networking! haha 

Bismillah..we proudly entered DOME. again..macam teruja kan?haha..  the waitress there were smile at us and of course baby zuyyin. They said "comelnya baby..." so kak fiza with happily face replied "thank you2!!" and suddenly they stop laughing " haa?baby kakak ka?" "yaa kenapa ko ingat baby dia??nda bha baby kakak.." waaa!! my face on that time only God knows.. deep inside i wish that will be the pray..someday i will be a good mother. (means ada wajah keibuan bha kan??)haha 

okay the menu. WOW! i don't know what to chose since every time people want to buy me food i'll choose the mosttttttt cheap one. but inside the menu.......nothing below rm20...what to do???so i took something like chicken but i forgot the name already with the chai tea while kak fiza ordered grilled steak with ice chocolate. we shared the fish plate. 

"enjoy ur meal miss" the waitress said politely. ok Bismillah... the fish plate was just nice. Not really heavy since we will have our main dish after this. the chicken have 2 pieces per plate and the taste was not so bad. well cooked, taste like cook with lemon, but still i can't take it. so i separate another piece so that i can take away and give to the guard (this is not sisa sebab dah simpan awal2). I only ate the small piece with the rice. ok. the chai tea is quite good. tea with kayu putih i guess. 

and here's the bill. "gulp" okay the bill is still affordable la but we don't think we will eat here anymore since "x ngam dengan selera kami!" haha. once in a life time okay..  with the laugh we said after this when people ask "pernah makan di DOME?" we can proudly said "YES!" haha

ok since then my story. Baby zuyyin is really cute. Miss her already. once again sorry for my language yg habis broken!

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