Thursday, February 16, 2012

i'm sorry mom

dear mom,
i want u to know that i love u so strong.
i wanna be with u for every moment but i can't.
we only meet several times..i miss u mom,...:(

i know about the medical check up today
i called u n i never mention about that because i dont want u to be sad
i promise myself that i'll take care of ur feeling
mom i promise u...i'll never hurt u anymore..
i don't want u to cry
i don't want u to think hardly about life, about us, about ur child

please take good care of urself..
i supposed to be there when the scann result is out
i love u n i want u to know that....
mom i hope doctor is wrong
i hope the result is error
i hope everything will be okay
i hope everything is fine.

mom..again i miss u a lot...:'(

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