Thursday, February 16, 2012

Talking to the blog, asking from Allah.

Dear my cutie blog.
i don't know what i feel right now.
i don't know what is the best for now.
i ask Him and He gave me ways.
but i don't know which way is the best.

dear my sweet blog.
i miss the moment i smile wholeheartedly
i miss the day i laughed crazily
i miss the time i cried happily.

dear my blog.
i know i'm not alone
because i have Him by my side
Allah loves me n He do care to me
i know i'm not sad
because He gave me everything i need

dear my kind blog.
i know i'm too jelous
but i don't want to care about 'it'
because i know Allah gave me nikmat of jelousy
at least i know that not everytime i'll be the happiest person
so He test me
how strong i am.

dear my soul mate.
i hope u are here
sharing all the sickness with me
living all the hard life beside me
listening all my story before i slept
but He don't want us to meet yet.
i know he planned the best for me.
i miss you even i don't know who u are.

dear my lovely blog
i hope tomorrow will become better than yesterday
i hope one day i'll become much good than today
and everything is a hope to me.

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